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Fully functional multi-sig wallet MVP utilising zkSync Era Native Account Abstraction that allows users to sign transactions by just using their Azure SSO/Office 365 credentials.

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zkSync / Matter Labs
  • zkSync Era is a highly scalable ZK rollup thanks to "hyperchains" built on ZK Stack, secure and battle-tested with 230M+ txs (from inception); 1M+ Contracts deployed; $6M+ Spent on audits & bounties at the point of writing; one of the cheapest (according to stats).
  • Need: To bring about mass adoption, zkSync ecosystem needed better UX and more teams to explore new cutting-edge use cases around zkSync native account abstraction that gives developers UX superpowers to help bring the first billion users to web3.
  • BootNode has shared zkSync's mission and has been confident that zkSync will be a game-changing technology.
  • Skilled engineering bandwidth usually limits Protocol's growth; partnering with BootNode was a no-brainer for long-term scaling.
  • BootNode has had prior experience with non-custodial multisig wallets, ERC 4337, impressive track record, and a solid reputation in the space.



  • Multi-sig wallet UI that allows users to create smart accounts only with Azure credentials (no seed phrases, gas, etc), see history and asset balances, send and receive assets, recover an account from any device, add/remove signers, set signature policy threshold, interact with an external protocol, as well as for other signers to approve or reject transactions.
  • Non-custodial wallet infrastructure - an upgradable smart contract framework with an on-chain multisig functionality, integration with zkSync Era Native Account Abstraction, on-chain account registry and Azure OAuth2.0 authentication module.


  • End-to-end development: R&D, Solution Design, Smart Contracts, Front-end, Testing, Documentation.


  • Fully-functional wallet MVP that allows users to sign transactions by just using their Azure SSO/Office 365 credentials.
  • It is the first multisig wallet built on native zkSync Account Abstraction with a fully Web2 user experience.

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