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BootNode is the leading long-term web3 builders partner. We accelerate the Development and Growth of protocols, dApps, and networks.

From ideation to scaling, we help teams build and ship faster with superior quality by leveraging our extensive business and technical expertise in multiple protocols, industries, and software development best practices.


BootNode's Competitive Edge

One-of-a-kind engagement, thriving together. We're as invested in our clients' success as they are! Can't beat a true win-win partnership, right?

shared prosperity and success

At BootNode, our distinctive compensation model cultivates long-lasting, growth-driven partnerships. We swap a portion of our compensation for project stakes, as an at-risk contribution: legit skin in the game commitment to mutual success

Compensation in stablecoins

  • USDC
  • USDT
  • DAI

Stake in the project

  • Tokens (ERC-20, NFT)
  • Revenue Share
  • Equity
* Better suited alternatives. Vesting schedules also apply.

The projects we thrive with

At BootNode, we seek to partner with a diverse range of projects who share our passion for the Ethereum Ecosystem and web3 technologies:

shared prosperity and success

Early-stage startups

  • Stage: (pre)-seed or seed
  • POC or MVP
  • Minimum in-house business and technical team

Mid-stage startups

  • Stage: seed to Series A
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Ready to Accelerate

DAOs and Foundations

  • Well-funded: at least $1MM to support its initiatives and projects
  • Seeking expertise and sustainable scaling
  • Driving innovation

Key industries

  • DeFi
  • Non or hybrid custodial Wallets
  • Identity & Accounts Abstraction
  • NFT & Finances
  • Real-World Asset (RWAs)
  • Data privacy and security
  • Treasury Management infrastructure
  • Layer 2 growth
  • Gaming
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Upon successfully introducing a BootNode representative through a qualified connection that results in a completed engagement, you will be rewarded with a one-time commission of 5% of the net profit. Should you actively contribute throughout the sales process, your compensation will increase to 15%. In both scenarios, the commission will be disbursed upon completion of the engagement.

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