The Gnosis Chain Bridge is a cross-chain interoperability tool that enables users to transfer tokens between Ethereum and Gnosis Chain. It focuses on achieving a seamless and user-friendly experience, with detailed progress updates throughout the bridging process. It uses the native xDAI and Omni bridges under the hood.



  • The Gnosis Ecosystem is developed by a world-class team of leading forces in blockchain and payments with an unparalleled reputation for innovation in the space. Renowned for launching transformative projects like Safe, Cow Protocol, Gnosis Pay, and Gnosis Chain.
  • Our engagement to build Gnosis Bridge and Explorer with Gnosis was a natural progression of our long-lasting collaboration and shared vision.
  • We strongly believe in a positive sum game for Gnosis DAO, where many protocol developers, web2 and web3 builders, infrastructure participants, researchers, and community members can work together.

The BootNode team delivered cutting-edge features for an enhanced user experience building the first and second versions of the all-new Bridge Explorer as well as unifying both native Gnosis bridges into one! We sincerely appreciate the @bootnodedev team's unwavering commitment to implementing new important updates further enhancing user experience for mainstream and power users. Looking forward to working with the team again in the future!


Georgios Gontikas

Head of Bridges at Gnosis



  • Users previously had to use multiple UIs when bridging tokens between Ethereum and Gnosis Chain, including Omni Bridge, xDAI bridge, a bridge transaction monitoring UI and a separate tool for claiming tokens on Ethereum.
  • Many users mistakenly bridged assets which led to extra fees for token recovery and confusion about the operation status. As a result, it generated many requests for troubleshooting via Discord, which significantly increased the Gnosis tech team's workload.
  • User onboarding to the Gnosis Chain begins with token bridging. Providing the best user experience was a challenge.


  • Having contributed to the Gnosis ecosystem for a while now, our team has collected and synthesized experience from past projects that required interaction with the bridges, own experience bridging into and out of Gnosis, user and Gnosis admins' feedback, and came up with the following solution:
  • Unified Gnosis Bridge - a cross-chain UI/UX for bridging DAI and other tokens that uses xDAI and OmniBridge protocols under the hood. The Unified Bridges UI automatically detects the contracts that fulfill the end user bridging needs, without requiring users to know about xDAI, Omnibridge, locked tokens, claims, validator signatures, and many more niche wording and intricacies that hinder the real use case: bridging funds into and out of Gnosis Chain.
  • Gnosis Bridge Explorer displays transactions from both Gnosis native bridges (xDAI and OmniBridge) in a single explorer, shows validator status and signatures, bridge limits, transactions' status, and allows users to claim from a single UI which means a significant improvement in what we like to call 'User anxiety pill' because users get to see the lifecycle of a bridging transaction before hitting Discord with a ticket.


  • User Research, Product backlog, UX/UI design, Front-end, QA, Documentation


  • Reduced the time and complexity and minimized errors when bridging assets by unifying multiple bridges into one UI.
  • Decreased the number of support tickets related to bridging errors and inquiries. This allows the Gnosis team to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on innovation and further development of their ecosystem.
  • Enhanced user experience, trust, and satisfaction with centralized transaction tracking, integrated claiming functionality, and real-time validator status updates.

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