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Gelato Network is a contract automation tool that automates smart contract executions on Ethereum and beyond.


Why the

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  • A strong technical team with years of experience in the blockchain space. Backed by Gnosis since 2019.
  • They build decentralized infrastructure solutions that allow for smart-contract execution automation: infinite possibilities and integration opportunities.
  • The founders met some BootNode members a while ago, building trust directly and via our investors.
  • Gelato initially looked for builders as investors, and BootNode’s engagement model made total sense. Not only for the code contributions but also for our product and business development capabilities.

BootNode is a fantastic long-term partner as they helped considerably increase our bandwidth in light of our token sale and G-UNI expansion. They know the web3 stack and the ecosystem exceptionally well. BootNode keeps helping us with R&D, understanding the business needs, and biz dev onboarding long-term growth projects to our network.


Hilmar Orth

Co-Founder Gelato Network


BootNode’s at-risk contribution

A dynamic team contributed to software and product development and project management. After delivering the scope of work, we kept doing some maintenance, support, and technical advisors.

Scope of Work

$GEL token sale front-end and performed a Light Audit on the smart contracts. dApp for the creation and configuration of G-UNI pools ( Help with defining the organization’s management, hiring, and security processes. Integrations deals flow.

Presentation Chart

  • On-time successful Token Generation Event.
  • New projects were onboarded into the G-UNI pools thanks to the easy-to-use dApp.
  • Better processes to scale an organization keeping it lean and agile.
  • New and improved internal skillsets.

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